What is CharityPilot?

Charity Pilot is an association of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations and nonprofit experts united in the service of helping non-profit endeavors start their journey.

Our partner organizations enable your charitable initiative or non-profit startup to focus on its mission by taking on the “back office” administrative duties, providing a non-profit status to your initiative, and much more!

You and your team are thereby able to carry out your initiative more effectively and efficiently and focus on what you care about most: the mission and activity of your charitable idea.

CharityPilot is here to help you explore the range of services and costs of partnering with one of our recommended organizations as you set out in your non-profit endeavor. Our motivation is seated in a desire to support worthy projects that would not otherwise be able to operate.

giving life to your vision

What Our Partner Organizations Offer

Donor Management

Processes (over the phone or online) for receiving bank draft, credit card, check, PayPal, stock, employer matching gifts and GIK donations.

Receipts for all donations, and year-end statement of contributions provided to donors.

An online platform for you and other project leads to view all contributions, view and print various reports, and contact your donors.

Custom donation pages to direct donors to are also available.

Accounting & Payment Services

Easy-to-use, online system with real-time view of project account revenues and expenses.

Platform for making reimbursement, and invoice payment requests and advancing funds to the field for large, upcoming expenses. 

HR Services

Employment and payroll services, including capacity to employ individuals with foreign earned income exemptions, clergy exemptions and much more.

Option to receive payment as a contractor for your charitable initiative instead.

Systems for you to set up payment to foreign staff as contractors.

Partner-Client Testimonials

Projects among minority group in SE Asia

“This organization [that Charity Pilot is partnered with], and particularly its service people have been efficient, accurate and timely in all its dealings with us. Their service has allowed us to focus on our work.”

Education and Community Development Program in China

“I was at a critical point in my ministry when my former agency advised me they would no longer support my work, because of some differences in focus. I require only minimal support, but especially an agency to handle donations for highly important ministries to poor minorities in remote Southwest China… [the organization we are with] has been a perfect fit for my special needs, and my donors are pleased with this service.


Relief programs in Afghanistan and Sudan

“The organization I was directed to helped me think through and plan and made resources available to me as I was starting a new work and office in Afghanistan. They helped me think through all of the different office systems, financial systems and other services that I would need to have in place to be able to effectively serve the people professionally. They have also helped to connect me to different resources where we could find funding for our projects and was a great help in actually winning the funds including large grants through institutional donors like USOFDA.”

Peace and Reconciliation promotion through Film and Media production

“The organization we ended up partnering with provides an administrative platform that empowers us to pursue our calling & to focus on doing what we do best.”